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VERY Profitable and really, who doesn't like popcorn!

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Granny has created a unique, high profit fund raising program because everyone loves popcorn! Especially Kettle Korn! Most people agree that Grannys Kettle Korn is far superior to any they have tasted. 


If you are looking for a highly profitable fundraising event for your group, Kettle Korn is a very easy sell. It is cost effective and appealing to potential customers to purchase and returns an excellent profit for your group!

Our fundraiser is perfect for school-wide events or smaller groups such as sports teams, 4-H groups or other non-profit organizations. 


There is NO MONEY UPFRONT, and there is nothing to purchase at this time.  We will provide all sales material, order forms and cash collection envelopes for each sales person. Upon request, Grannys will customize your label at no additional cost!


Once we receive your order and enter it into our system, we will send you a total invoice to be paid at the time of delivery. Grannys will deliver your freshly popped order FREE of charge in the South Jersey area for you to distribute to your customers.  


We also offer digital and online options for your event too!  Contact us for more information.

Get More Information!

We can't wait to hear about your event!

(609) 476-2184

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